Agrigate Update: July 2019

Fieldays is a wrap! If you came by our site you would have heard us spreading the word about some exciting Agrigate updates. Let’s start with the good news and then get to the game changer;


  • Agrigate Professional – sharing your information with your rural professional.
  • Coming Soon! Auto populate animal health treatments from MINDA® LIVE to the Dairy Diary.

Agrigate Professional


Thanks to Agrigate, all your farm information is in one place, so how helpful and easy would it be to give all that on-farm information to your rural professional?

Your farm advisor, accountant, lawyer, vet and other members of your farm team find farm performance information super valuable in giving you the best service possible. It helps keep them up to date on what’s happening on farm – which means more meaningful conversations and faster decisions. It saves you time and admin so you can get on with what’s really important.

To tackle this, Agrigate has just launched a new professional view for rural professionals, so they have easy access to multiple farm clients’ information from one place in Agrigate.

To get started, share your farm insights with your rural professional. And spread the word when you next talk to your rural advisors, let them know they can access your information via Agrigate. Just get in touch and we will make it happen.

By sharing your farm information, your rural professional will be able to gain access to your farm’s dashboard and your real-time on-farm data. They will be able to customise what they want to see to suit their needs and get a complete picture of your farm activity, including milk production and quality, animal health, financials, pasture, payroll and nutrient applications.

Align yourself with your farm team and give them real-time data quickly by sharing all your farm information on Agrigate.

Here’s more about how to share your farm information.

Coming Soon! Auto populate your Dairy Diary


You’ve told us that double-entry of data is time-consuming and takes you away from more important jobs on the farm.  Agrigate aims to solve that, by mapping your data together and sharing it with those that need to know.

Launching soon, as an Agrigate user, Agrigate will auto-populate your animal health treatments from MINDA® LIVE to your Dairy Diary. Saving you the time and frustration of double data entry, and the peace of mind that you will meet your compliance obligations. 

We’ll do the work for you and you can trust that your information will automatically go to the right place.

It’s really simple and it’s FREE! All you need is an Agrigate account with Farm Source and MINDA® LIVE connected and as you know, it’s at no cost thanks to your Co-ops, Fonterra and LIC. We will let you know when this goes live!

For Inactive users only: Get started on Agrigate today to ensure you’re ready when the integration goes live.