Agrigate Update: June 2019

Dashboard Sharing Made Easier

This is the first of many changes to come, to make sharing your farm dashboard with your Rural Professionals easier.

These changes mean that you will only have one dashboard for each farm you set up in Agrigate, with all of the set up and permissions being controlled through one central management page called ‘My Farms’. We made this change with future value in mind because a single record of farming data enables us to build out some hotly requested features and do smarter things with data tomorrow, providing you more value today.

My Farms enables you to control what data those people you share your farm dashboard with, can see. So you can continue to share your farm dashboard to your trusted advisor and members of your farm team at any time. But you can also prevent someone you’ve shared with from viewing specific sets of your data by changing the permissions for Categories, e.g. turn off Accounts to hide your financial information from your contract milker. We have Categories for:

  • Milk Production (Farm Source)
  • Herd (Farm Source, MINDA® LIVE)
  • Health (MINDA® LIVE)
  • Pasture (MINDA® LIVE)
  • Nutrients (HawkEye®)
  • Accounts (Figured)
  • Payroll (Paysauce)

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More Features – No Cost

We are sure you have heard this line before – you spoke, we listened! In this case, it hasn’t been more true. We are excited to announce that you now have the ability to make the most of all the functionality of Agrigate – at no cost.

Our free plan, Agrigate Basic now includes, once Premium features such as the ability to manage permissions and sharing of farm dashboards, connection of all available data partners and access to milk benchmarking.

Agrigate Basic is brought to you by your Cooperatives, Fonterra and LIC.

Now, you can connect data providers such as Figured, HawkEye and PaySauce to your Agrigate account. You can create as many farms as you have access to and share those dashboards to everyone you know. As well as create benchmark groups and compare your production performance.

Learn more about changes to our plans.

    Welcome PaySauce

    PaySauce is aptly dubbed ‘tasty cloud payroll’, built with and for dairy farmers. They make payday a breeze for 700 farms around New Zealand because they understand the unique needs of farmers and that they have better things to do.

    Payroll is tricky, especially on-farm. The do-it-all attitude of kiwi farmers is awesome, but compliance is slippery, paperwork is impractical, and the labour inspector is watching closely. As farmers, you’re all busy, and we can’t let this stuff slide.

    PaySauce and Agrigate have partnered to combine milk production data and labour data, so you can now view the hours your employees have worked in relation to kilograms of milk solids produced on-farm.