Why partner with Agrigate?

Power up your Apps and Insights

Our data sets are shaped and standardised ready for reporting and analysis. Save yourself the data engineering prework by using Agrigate data that has already undergone consistency and integrity checking. Agrigate data sets are designed to be used together and align with our dairy data models and standards.

Get your data on demand

Our APIs enable any application; web, mobile, middleware to access Agrigate datasets on-demand, over the internet without having to build complex and costly point to point integrations. Our notification services can publish messages to almost any channel so you can always have the most up-to-date data.

Secure Data Exchange

Our RESTful APIs are published through an API management gateway supporting industry standard OAuth2. You can exchange data with Agrigate safe in the knowledge that enterprise grade access management and security controls are being applied throughout the data value chain.

What you can do with Agrigate

Duplication of data entry is a major headache for farmers, and a barrier to technology adoption. Agrigate enables easy and secure data sharing between on farm apps, helping you deliver a better user experience for your customers, and giving farmers confidence that they can send their data where it needs to go.

Coming soon is the integration we’re enabling between Fonterra and LIC. Agrigate is powering the auto-population of Fonterra’s Farm Source Dairy Diary from LIC’s MINDA® Live.


We’re growing our partnerships with the best agri-tech companies in New Zealand. So far, Agrigate has APIs from LIC – Health Conditions and Fonterra – Milk Production Quality, and we’re working on new APIs all the time.

How it works

This diagram shows the relationship between your Data Partner API, the Agrigate web site, and Agrigate APIs. See our developer portal for API documentation.

When the user selects “Connect” in the Data Partner’s section of the Agrigate web application (client), a link to the Data Partner’s authorization server is prepared.

Client ID (supplied by the Data Partner)

This is included in the link that allows the authorization server to identify and respond to Agrigate.

Data Partner’s Authorization Server

Typically this endpoint is published as: /oauth/authorize

The link is opened in the browser and the user enters the credentials for their account with the Data Partner.

Authorization Code

The authorization server returns an authorization code via redirection i.e. returns the user back to the Agrigate website. The redirect URL for Agrigate is: https://{environment}{dataprovider-slug}

Data Partner’s Authorization Server

Typically this endpoint is published as: /oauth/token

Agrigate then exchanges the Authorization Code along with providing its Client Id and Client Secret (both supplied by the Data Partner) for an Access Token (short-lived <60mins) and a Refresh Token (long-lived ~90 days).

Access Token

Agrigate uses the Access Token to access resources on the Data Partner’s resource server. i.e. call the Data Partner’s API to retrieve the user’s data.


This gallery shows how the Data Partner integration will look to a user of Agrigate.

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